Agriturismo Da Prati: a charming and family place in the Oltrep˛ Pavese countryside, where you can spend a peaceful vacation

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APARTMENT BARBERA.áThe wide studio at ground floor overlooks the garden and the path of roses.The room, relaxing and friendly, consists of a kitchen, a living room with sofa bed where stands the antique cupboard that houses the kitchenware, a double bed and a bathroom decorated with two antique mirrors.

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APARTMENT VERDEA.áThe large apartment on the raised floor on the side of the pool includes a large living room with a long wooden table, a family antique desk and a nice kitchen. To be noted, the wooden old skis, belonged to the aunts Da Prati. The mezzanine, equipped with two sofa beds, leads to the triple bedroom, entirely furnished in style.

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APARTMENT CROATINA.áThe cheerful apartment overlooking the garden has, at the ground floor, a large living room with sofa bed, kitchenette furnished in style, dining table and vintage buffet. Upstairs, in the double bedroom, located next to the bathroom, stands the imposing antique bed.

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APARTMENT MALVASIA. The wide apartment overlooking the pool and the delightful surrounding vineyardsis located on the raised floor and consists of a living roomwith an antique wooden tableand a kitchen furnished with vintage kitchen furniture. Passing through the mezzanine where there are two sofa beds, you reach the first floor consisting in the bathroom and the master bedroom, dominated by the intense green of the wrought iron bed, which gives the room a pleasant rural appearance..

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APARTMENT MOSCATO.áThe warm apartment on the garden side is composed, on the ground floor, by a kitchenette and a living room furnished with an old cupboard, a dining table in style situated close to the old fireplace. The intense colors of the walls, the original painted ceilingsand the photo of the old uncle Da Prati, make the room familiar and hospitable. On the first floor, the geometric lines of the bedroom are also repeated in the lovely lavender bathroom.

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APARTMENT UVA RARA.áThe spacious raised floor apartment, made in the original barn and facing the garden, opens into a large living room with two sofa beds, the antique dining table and cupboard, the kitchen and the bathroom. The blue walls alternating with old stone walls of the 19th century, time to which date back also the ceiling beams, create a romantic and very suggestive atmosphere. Looking up, you notice the mezzanine where the double bed stands, embellished with linen of the family. As bedside tables, two old boxes of munitions. For toilet, a set of basin and jug of late 19th century.

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APARTMENT LUGLIENGA. The imaginative apartment, housed in the old porch located at the end of the structure, reveals to the best the stylistic genius of the two architects who supervised the renovation of the building. On the ground floor, the large kitchen retains the fireplace with the old oven; on the original brick wall of the dining room stands a colorful picture; in the bathroom the walls are hand painted. On the first floor, two double bedrooms show side by side the old style and a few pieces of modern design; curious is the closet hidden under the roof which is accessed by going through an old wooden door, and the colorful bath, hand painted too.

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